Marketing Support

Product launch pending and no in-house expertise? Want to increase awareness and exposure but don't have the staff or the time? Need help with Marketing but cannot afford a full time employee? Maybe you feel your current marketing has turned stale and you just need a new opinion or fresh pair of eyes?

We have the answer - These days, more and more people are turning to virtual assistants to handle their marketing needs. 

The Intelligent VA Company can provide marketing support for all sizes of business.

Our services range from taking on smaller individual tasks, such as writing web copy, to contracted social media support, right through to full execution of marketing plans.

If you think we can help, you can contact us for a free informal chat.

What they say...

Sally is amazing - my partner & I hired Sally to do some personal assistant work that comprised market research, interviewing and collating & presenting data. She did really great work, but the really amazing thing is that Sally gets to the heart of what you want really quickly & efficiently. We needed help as we both work full time & have very little 'free' time to get research & development done. One of my reservations was that it would take a long time to discuss & agree what would happen when - but really, Sally is expert in drawing out exactly what you need, and delivering it, quickly and exactly as agreed. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sally and I'm sure we'll use her invaluable services again & again.

Bec Vaughan - Head of Solutions for Venda. The world's largest SaaS eCom platform

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