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I guess you've found this page because you want to know a little bit more about the person you might be dealing with? You probably saw from the previous page that The Intelligent VA Company was born back in 2012 when I took the very big leap of setting up business by myself.

I had a secure job working for one of the biggest sports teams in the Midlands and I was well respected in my role and my field.

So why leave all that behind?

A little background...

Originally I was an entertainer (Redcoat, Havenmate, Hotel Entertainer, Rock Band cover vocalist, Magician's Assistant (Yes, really!) and the like) and I discovered my affinity for marketing when working in the offices for Jumpin' Jaks way back in 1999.

Sally Mahers - Virtual Assistant at The Intelligent VA Company

After many years performing and moving around Europe I met my now husband and decided it was time to settle down and headed back to Coventry. 

The Coventry Blaze

It was here I began working for the Coventry Blaze way back in 2003 as Marketing Officer. I worked for the club for ten seasons moving from Marketing Officer to Manager to Commercial Manager then finally to the clubs GM. And I had a blast!

During those ten season we won trophies...

The Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey Team Photo on the Ice

Lots of them. In fact, seven in total! 

And we played in Europe four times (Grenoble, Bolzano, Aalborg and Rouen) in the prestigious Continental Cup. And I was lucky enough to travel with the team and see some fantastic countries


I truly had the time of my life and the Blaze are still a huge part of my life (more of that later) but when my eldest daughter was born the long, and often anti-social, hours you get when working in sport began taking their toll and I started looking into options which would allow me to be more flexible around my family whilst still being able to work.

And so, in 2012, Intelligent VA was born.

I approached the club with my concerns about the ever increasing hours and the time I was consistently away from my family and that I was looking to set up alone and to my absolute delight they were so incredibly supportive of this move and became my first ever client.

I still work weekly for the club and have a very close relationship with them and it's been a huge bonus for me. I cannot thank them enough for all their continued support and if you've never been to a game get yourself down to Coventry Blaze asap!

So, on to today...

These days I work with a large number of businesses assisting them virtually in a variety of ways. I work as a PA for one business, manage social media for several others, look after sponsors and their requirements for another and manage marketing for some more!

And I absolutely love it. I work with other social media specialists and virtual assistants to outsource and manage our ever increasing workload whilst getting the time to spend with my children whilst they are still young.

We have grown more than I even imagined (and I was very optimistic of a successful business) and we are still growing.

I love this business, I love that it changes every single day and I love that I have the power to take it wherever it needs to go.

And I love being able to spend time with my children.

*Proud shot of me and my kids Ella and Jack below.

Sally Mahers and Family. Virtual Assistant in Coventry

Think we can help?

If you think you need support with admin, social media, marketing, PR or event management why not give us a call or drop us an email? We really can assist virtually and we genuinely can save you money. Why employ someone to fill that skills gap when you can just pay for the hours you need as you need them.

Get involved and contact me or give us a call!

Previous satisfied clients and partners of mine over the last ten years include:




What they say...

Sally is amazing - my partner & I hired Sally to do some personal assistant work that comprised market research, interviewing and collating & presenting data. She did really great work, but the really amazing thing is that Sally gets to the heart of what you want really quickly & efficiently. We needed help as we both work full time & have very little 'free' time to get research & development done. One of my reservations was that it would take a long time to discuss & agree what would happen when - but really, Sally is expert in drawing out exactly what you need, and delivering it, quickly and exactly as agreed. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sally and I'm sure we'll use her invaluable services again & again.

Bec Vaughan - Head of Solutions for Venda. The world's largest SaaS eCom platform

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