Intelligent business promise & guarantee

Offering commitment, a solid reputation and complete transparency

Commitment – We are committed to each and every contract we undertake. We will NEVER take on a contract, whatever size, if we cannot extend the correct amount of time and dedication it would require.

Reputation – We have built a reputation for delivering to a very high standard and consistently operate at the same level. Whichever size company we work for, our work ethics, standards and results remain at the same, high level.

Transparency – You will only be billed for hours we work and nothing more. This is a company promise and hourly work sheets can be viewed online by  clients at ANYTIME.

What they say...

Sally is amazing - my partner & I hired Sally to do some personal assistant work that comprised market research, interviewing and collating & presenting data. She did really great work, but the really amazing thing is that Sally gets to the heart of what you want really quickly & efficiently. We needed help as we both work full time & have very little 'free' time to get research & development done. One of my reservations was that it would take a long time to discuss & agree what would happen when - but really, Sally is expert in drawing out exactly what you need, and delivering it, quickly and exactly as agreed. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sally and I'm sure we'll use her invaluable services again & again.

Bec Vaughan - Head of Solutions for Venda. The world's largest SaaS eCom platform

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